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Nut Butter Variety Pack

Nut Butter Variety Pack - 24 (2 bite) Pack, 12 of each flavor

Banana Chocolate Chip with Peanut Butter

These wholesome and delicious Superfood Nut Butter Bites are made with an outer shell of organic ingredients including bananas, oats, dates, chocolate chips and flaxseed and an inner center filled with creamy organic peanut butter. These bites are sure to be a new favorite healthy on-the-go snack to add to your pantry.

Apple Cinnamon with Peanut Butter

Created in collaboration with best-selling cookbook author, influencer and podcast host, Rachel Mansfield, our Apple Cinnamon with Peanut Butter bite will be sure to satisfy any snacking craving. These delectable Superfood Nut Butter Bites blend together some of Rachel’s favorite flavor combinations into one delicious and healthy snack. Filled with organic ingredients including apples, dates, oats and peanuts these are sure to be a new favorite healthy on-the-go snack to add to your pantry.

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  • No added sugar
  • Plant Based
  • Organic

The Ingredients

  • Banana Chocolate Chip: Organic Dates, Organic Peanuts, Organic Oats, Organic Bananas, Organic 100% Dark Chocolate Chips, Organic Flaxseed, Sea Salt 
  • Apple Cinnamon: Organic Dates, Organic Apples, Organic Peanuts, Organic Oats, Organic Flaxseed, Cinnamon, Sea Salt

Tastes like

A banana or apple with peanut butter

Flavor Profile

About Sweet Nothings

Our single serve smoothie cups are healthy enough for a quick breakfast, wholesome enough for a midday snack, and sweet enough for an indulgent dessert.

Dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with no added sugars or chemical stabilizers.

Just organic fruits, nuts, and seeds. That’s it.

Customers Reviews

David B New York, NY

"Love this combo pack so I don't have to worry about choosing a flavor! Best of both worlds. "

Why we love Nut Butter Variety Pack

Packed with wholesome ingredients
The perfect on-the-go snack
Bursting with flavor