What are Sweet Nothings?

Definition of sweet nothings - loving and romantic words. 

How we define sweet nothings - pure deliciousness.

Sweet Nothings are organic, plant-based, frozen snacks made out of real fruits, nuts, and seeds. Think the ingredients of your smoothie in the format of an ice cream. No nut milk or blender needed.  


Where did the idea for Sweet Nothings come from?

Our co-founder Beth became increasingly frustrated walking around the grocery store trying to find healthy snacks for her kids. The snacks she was seeing would claim to be healthy, but after taking a closer look at the ingredients they were filled with gums, stabilizers, and other things that she couldn’t pronounce. She took it upon herself to make a snack for herself, her friends, and her kids - this snack was Sweet Nothings. 


How did you decide to bring Sweet Nothings to us?

Beth’s homemade snack became popular not only with her children and husband but with their entire community. After many rounds of at home recipe adjustments and tastings we decided to bring this snack to you. We want to provide you with a truly healthy snack that you can feel good about eating. 


Can I eat my Sweet Nothings for breakfast?

Because our ingredients are truly clean with no added sugar you can eat Sweet Nothings whenever you want! Healthier than your morning cereal or yogurt parfait :) 


How about for a mid-morning snack?

Oh yeah.


3 pm?

Our personal favorite. 



Healthiest dessert ever! 


What flavors do you have?

We have Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Coffee, and Blueberry beet. We are launching with a 15-cup variety pack as a way for you to sample and try all of our flavors. Let us know what you think and share suggestions for flavors you want to see in the future!


Am I able to customize my box and product amounts?

Not yet - but we hope to expand our offering in the near future. Think of your variety pack as your bi-weekly snack box, or if you’re anything like us your cups may only last a few days and you’ll be due for another order. 


Can I pre-order for a gift?

Yes! When ordering just tell us when you want it to arrive! 




What is inside of my cup?

You’ll only find ingredients you can pronounce inside of your cup. Our blends are made out of only fruits, nuts, seeds, and a little bit of water or lemon or balsamic vinegar (depending on the flavor). Check the front of the cup or back ingredient label to see what exactly is inside. 


Are these healthy to eat?

They really are! We stand behind providing you with real, clean snacks. We even go a step further and use chia and flax to bind the product together, so that we don’t need to use any fillers or gums. Check our Nutrition page to learn more! 


Chia and Flax? Can you explain a bit more?

Traditionally, ice creams and sorbets contain large amounts of sugar or fat, along with gums or chemical stabilizers, which inhibit ice crystal formation and soften texture. Instead, we invented a proprietary formulation which leverages the natural functionality of superfoods, in just the right combination, to provide a similar creamy, ice-cream-like texture, without added sugar or chemical stabilizers.

Isn’t it better just to eat my fruit?

Our products are fresh-frozen. We use fruit picked at peak ripeness, which retains as much or more vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical content. And then we freeze it to give you the best fruit has to offer. 


Is there sugar in a cup of Sweet Nothings?

Only natural sugar from the fruits we use. It’s sort of like eating a banana, only in a different and better form. 


Are your products organic?

All of our products are organic, other than coffee. We are working to find the best organic coffee to use in our recipes, so that this flavor can be organic too! 


Are your products dairy-free?

They are!


Are your products nut-free?

They are not. Most use cashew butter, while the peanut butter flavor uses peanut butter. 


Are your products gluten-free?

They are!


Are your products kosher?

So glad you asked. At the moment we do not have kosher certification, but we are working on it. 


Do you add any sugar or use any syrups?

Nope. Truly organic fruits, nuts, and seeds. 




Do you deliver to my town?

We have you covered! We deliver to 48 US states. 


How much does shipping cost?

We charge a flat rate of $10. We know frozen shipping can be incredibly expensive, but we don’t want to inhibit you from trying our products. 


When can I expect my product to arrive?

Deliveries go out every Wednesday, and with fulfillment centers throughout the country, we will get product to you by Thursday or Friday! 


How do you keep the product frozen while in route?

Dry ice is a miracle worker. Our shipping is 2-day to make sure that products arrives to you frozen and ready to eat. 


Do you have gift cards?

For now, you can pre-order a box for someone, but we are working on it! 


I want to sell at my business! Do you have a wholesale program?

We would love to partner with you too! Reach us at hello@eatsweetnothings.com, tell us a little bit about your business, and we’ll get back to you with next steps. 


I’d love to buy this at my local store. Can I do that?

Why thanks, we’re blushing! We’d love to bring Sweet Nothings to your local store. Please reach out to us at hello@eatsweetnothings.com




So excited my order came, can I eat them right away?

Since we ship on dry ice, your Sweet Nothings will arrive very frozen. We recommend leaving them out for a couple of minutes after they arrive. Waiting, ugh we know. But, you’ll enjoy your Sweet Nothings that much more because it will have the right, creamy consistency.


Do they belong in the freezer?

Yes! Unless you can’t resist and eat them all right out of the package. We don’t blame you. 


How long do Sweet Nothings stay fresh?

9 months from the time of production. Peep the bottom of your cup for the exact date, but you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy.